As the voice of Tampa's business community, the Tampa Bay Chamber is at any given time engaged on a number of public policy fronts. Volunteer leadership and staff are actively participating in dialogue with elected officials to advocate on behalf of the Tampa Bay business community.

Issues are either identified by Public Policy Staff, Members, or Committees of the Chamber. Positions are developed by gathering available information regarding an issue, and then presenting the pro and con perspectives to the Policy Council for discussion and recommendation of a position. The recommended position is presented to the executive committee and ultimately to the Board of Directors for approval.

Guiding Principles

Business & Economic Development

Economic development and business thrive where regional collaboration is strong, regulatory and tax burdens are minimal, right to work laws that protect our citizens remain in place and wages are economy based. Businesses locate and expand in areas where these factors exist.

Health Care

The Tampa Bay Chamber supports reducing the cost of health insurance to the business community by increasing access to health insurance for all Floridians and legislation that gives our health care providers the infrastructure and regulatory environment needed to best serve our community.

Military & Defense

The Tampa Bay Chamber has enjoyed a close working relationship with MacDill Air Force Base – a vital part of our nation’s defense that has a $3 billion impact on the Tampa community. We understand the importance of promoting and supporting our brave men and women and their families who serve our country and call our community home.


Transportation is a core service of government that is critical for economic development and facilitating the efficient delivery of goods and services. Sufficient transportation funding of all options is needed to implement a robust and connected transportation network in Tampa Bay.

Workforce Development

The business community must partner with stakeholders and policymakers to advocate for adequate resources to help recruit, develop and retain talent in Tampa Bay. Plans must be in place today to market and train the workforce of tomorrow.