LTA Leadership

Lend your creativity and expand your influence on one of the most influential groups in the community. Leadership Tampa Alumni Committees are constantly in need of new ideas and leaders that can continue the tradition of excellent programming. Pick a committee and join!

View the Leadership Tampa Alumni 2020 Cabinet


Amanda Uliano, Chair
Luis Martinez-Monfort, Vice Chair


Leah Gonzalez, Chair
Brian Smith, Vice Chair

The committee is charged with developing volunteer opportunities to reinforce LTA`s mission of “Leaders in Action,” by connecting, promoting, and exposing LTA participants to service organizations and events in the community to further a vibrant Tampa. In 2020, this committee will continue their partnership with Memorial Middle School.


Jeff Chernoff, Chair
LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis, Vice Chair

The committee oversees the annual LTA membership renewal drive and is responsible for the retention and engagement of LTA members as well as the integration of the new Leadership Tampa class.

Marketing and Communications/Website

Wendy Ross, Chair

The committee, in conjunction with the Tampa Bay Chamber, is responsible for assisting in the communication and coordination of marketing and successfully communicating to members and prospective members the mission of LTA and opportunities for involvement. This committee also assists LTA social media content development, publication of the monthly newsletter and producing the LTA annual review.

Parke Wright III Award

Luis Martinez-Monfort, Chair
Crystal Lauderdale, Vice Chair

This committee meets about 4-5 times a year August through December to assist with nomination and application process. The award is presented at Leadership Tampa Alumni`s Annual Meeting in January. The award recognizes an LTA member`s contribution of demonstrated leadership that made a difference in the Tampa community.


Ana Rabelo Wallrapp, Chair
Jason Grinstead, Vice Chair

The committee provides personal and professional opportunities via LTA programming that enriches the lives of LTA participants while considering the Chamber’s Leadership Programs journey and the 2026 Vision plan.


John DeLaVergne, Chair
Benjamin Powers, Vice Chair

The committee assists in securing annual LTA sponsorships as well as ensuring proper sponsor acknowledgement and recognition throughout the year and at featured events.

Past Chairs

Leadership Tampa Alumni has been fortunate to have many dynamic leaders steer the committee. The following Past Chairs were dedicated to the long-term success and legacy of our organization. We honor their leadership example.

2019 – Michael Blasco (LT’12)

2018 – Jill Manthey (LT’10)

2017 – Christine Turner (LT’07)

2016 – Reid Haney (LT’96)

2015 – Misha Hart (LT’07)

2014 – Troy Atlas (LT’07)

2013 – Randi Widdon (LT’07) / Renee Vaughn (LT’93) & Dianne Jacob (LT’92)

2012 – Renee Vaughn (LT’93)

2011 – Mark Segel (LT’05)

2010 – Eric Bailey (LT’04)

2009 – William Arnold (LT’04)

2008 – John Moors (LT’01)

2007 – Brenda Geoghagan (LT’98)

2006 – Colleen Chappell (LT’99)

2005 – David Stefany (LT’95)

2004 – Paddy Moses (LT’88)

2003 – Susan Welsh (LT ’92)

2002 – Dianne Jacob (LT ’92)

2001 – Paul Catoe (LT ’92)

2000 – John Timmel (LT ’91)

1999 – Gregory Yadley (LT ’88)

1998 – Emeline Acton (LT ’88)

1997 – Henry Woodroffe (LT ’90)

1996 – Susan Lang (LT ’93)

1995 – David Hooks (LT ’90)

1994 – Pat Bowers Holt (LT ’88)

1993 – Mike Urette (LT ’71)

1992 – Robert Rasmussen (LT ’84)