City of Tampa Women/Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) Program?

The WMBE Program was established in 1991 to provide women and minority businesses equal contract opportunities in construction, professional services, and goods and non-professional services. On a continuous basis the MBD Office conducts outreach efforts to identify and register women and minority businesses interested in supplying goods and services to the City.

The City of Tampa's WMBE Executive Order 98-2

By executive order the City of Tampa's WMBE Program states that minority and women owned businesses shall have maximum feasible opportunity to participate in the performance of City Contracts. The established participation goals are: 25.0% participation for construction contracts, 14.0% for professional services, and 4.0% for goods and non-professional services.

Who Benefits from the services?

The program's emphasis is towards women, black, and Hispanic businesses. A bona fide women or minority business is one which is owned and controlled by at least fifty-one percent (51%) women or minority group members. Women or minority members are Caucasian women of European descent, blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities for federally funded projects only.

How can I participate in the WMBE Program?

The first step is to fill out an application form for certification. This form is available on the City of Tampa's website at, or it can be mailed to you, or can be picked up at the MBD Office at 306 E. Jackson St. 7th Floor East.

What is the Purchasing Department's procurement Policy?

The policy of the City's Purchasing Department is that procurement practices are non-discriminatory and to promote equality of opportunity. The WMBE Program Office monitors all departments regarding the percentage of participation for women, black, and Hispanic.

How are purchases made?

Firms interested in doing business with the City of Tampa are encouraged to complete a vendor application form. Blank forms can be obtained either from the MBD Office or the Purchasing Department located on the second floor of the City Hall Annex, 306 E. Jackson St. downtown Tampa, (813) 274-8351.

What is the role of the City of Tampa?

The City has a fundamental responsibility to provide opportunities for certified women and minority businesses. This allows them to effectively participate in the bidding process for all City procurement. When this responsibility is met, women and minority businesses contribute to the "Economic Development" of the community. To contact the Minority Business Development Office please call (813) 274-5522.

Address: 306 E. Jackson St. 7th Fl. 33602


Other organizations Business Loan Programs and Assistance

The City of Tampa has several business assistance programs for the public.

Tampa Bay Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO), is a private, not-for-profit corporation committed to supporting economic development and job creation in Hillsborough County. TEDCO participates at the federal level with the Small Businesses Administration's 504 Commercial Loan program, administers four city-funded revitalization programs, a city-funded loan guarantee program, and a private loan program funded by six local banks. TEDCO also provides architectural assistance through a fa├žade improvement program. For more information, please contact TEDCO.

Tampa Black Business Investment Corporation (TBBIC) also provides loan financing and technical assistance to minorities. For more information, please contact TBBIC. Hispanic Business Initiative Fund (HBIF) also provides technical assistance to Hispanics who are interested in starting a business. For more information, please contact HBIF at 813-980-2765.